Central Valley Drone Photographers- Capture Unforgettable Moments

Whether it is a once and a lifetime photo of a family reunion, the slow entrance of a bride at a wedding, or joy of a crowd celebrating at a graduation; capturing the perfect moment is part of what high quality drone photography can do for you.

The professionals at California Drone Photography are friendly courteous and make any family feel like they are one of their own. Aside from the guests, our staff are the perfect addition to any party.

Our trained staff know how to get the right shot for what you need. These experts provide 4k high quality images that perfectly encapsulate each moment. Our photos are processed and produced 100% by us ensuring your time is focused on what’s important to you, not on taking the images.

Our pilots are fully licensed with various state and federal licensures meeting all general and exclusive FAA regulations ensuring that our drones can legally fly within any municipality.

Police and law enforcement officials agree drones provide a level of security that is unmatched. While we would probably  not like to admit it, today’s world requires a higher level of surveillance at any event. Having an eye in the sky is vital to ensuring the safety and protection of all the participants in any large scale gathering.

Our pilots teach all over the central valley and are leaders in the industry providing custom trainings and programs to advance the art of drones throughout the state of the California. We continue to be leaders in the state of the art industry of UAV and UAS.

Feel free to inquire about a list of our services. All of our images come with high end production quality. We can customize any request. From personal, to commercial, to residential we at Central Valley Drone Photography give you the best in Central California Drone Photography.